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About Erin

We all have a mission in our careers. Here's a little bit about mine.



My name is Erin Leader. I am a Baltimore native going on 23 years of experience in the hair industry. Being a hair stylist was something that I actually kind of fell into unexpectedly. I was attending a high school for the arts, and my mother suggested applying for a part time job where she had her hair done. What I discovered was that hair is an amazing canvas and I loved the vibe! Hairstyling is an empowering career that’s afforded me the opportunity to respect my creativity while granting me the freedom to be myself. I love that I can help my clients also be themselves and express their own creativity. Are you struggling with expressing your identity? Let me help’s what I’m here for! Remember, hair is that one accessory that goes everywhere you do. 

I come from a family of teachers and counselors, which could explain why out of all the hats I've worn in this industry, one of my favorites was being an educator. Education is a must for me, not just for learning new techniques, but also for keeping me motivated and engaged. I take pride in staying up to date with the latest and greatest, and Fringe always has weekly and monthly classes that help me to do just that. 

You should know that I am a total paranormal geek and love watching all the shows about ghosts, aliens, monsters and whatever...often to my partner’s chagrin. We both love nothing more than a good scary movie or Netflix show though! My clients always love to tell me about the new ones their watching, and I always have a story about some crazy video I just saw to share back.

I also have a love for all things Coach, especially vintage. It’s a passion that my late mother and I shared when I was younger, and it’s now followed me into adulthood. I get excited for a good project bag, one that needs to be changed, fixed, and customized into the perfect bag for me. The more bag charms and keychains, the better. Since my clothes are pretty casual I love having that outlet to sparkle just as sparkly as I possibly can. It's how I express my inner diva.

As a gay man, I feel like that I have a unique empathy and respect for differences in others. Differences are the things that make us unique, they’re our stories and hardships, our mistakes and struggles. Ultimately, they are our triumphs...everything that makes us beautiful and human. I believe that those traits should be respected and encouraged. Empathy has always played a large role in my life and it’s a quality I’m really happy to possess. I have learned how special it is to connect with people, and that doing hair has given me the opportunity to do so.  My connection with my clients is on a much deeper level than I ever expected, and I am thankful for that.  

Although I adore being a hair stylist, it may surprise you to learn that I almost took the path of becoming a Park Ranger! I’m an animal lover, and when I was younger I had  a whole room full of critters. My passion for creatures is so strong that I used to volunteer at Rocks and Gunpowder State Parks. While there, I worked with all sorts of animals, and would teach visitors about them and their habitats. Particularly, I always liked the birds of prey, snakes, and turtles.

At this point, there is nothing I haven't seen or heard, and it's important for you to know that when you sit in my chair. I really do mean that. I always want my clients to feel comfortable and never be intimidated to tell or ask me anything regarding their hair. I am confident in my ability to solve any of your hair problems, even if it's a new challenge for me.


I'm a recovering addict as well. I share this because I want you to know that I know the value of lived experience. I know what it's like to look at yourself in the mirror and not be particularly thrilled with the person looking back. I especially know what it is like to do the hard work of putting yourself back together and learning how to truly love the person in that mirror today. Part of my mission is showing others we can triumph against seemingly insurmountable odds and have the lives we want.

Another thing that is always encouraged in my chair is laughter. It's hard not to notice that Fringe is a welcoming environment for it. We love to laugh here. People tell me they love my dry sense of humor, and my coworkers particularly love challenging me in sass battles at any given moment, you gotta keep your wits sharp around here! 

Let me tell you, I will give you the best smoothing treatment (we use 'Brazilian Blowouts') that you’ve ever had. When I say they’re life changing for people with frizzy and unruly hair- I absolutely mean it. And while we're at it let’s do some hand painted color! That's always a blast and truly one of my favorite things to do! 

So, you’ve read all this for a reason and clearly now's the time to go book a consultation! Let’s talk about what you want and how we will achieve it. If you already have an end goal in mind, grab those photos you’ve been saving and send them my way! But your first step is to click that "Book Erin" button, or call our front desk, and make it happen! Do it now! ;) I am so excited to meet you!"

Book Erin! 

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